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05/24/23 12:01 PM #270    

Rebecca Tipton (Boland)

So sorry to hear of Steve's sudden passing. My condolences to Barb and her family. 


05/24/23 06:27 PM #271    


Roger Loughran

Again another shocking passing from our class of 63.  I remember Steve as a friendly and personable classmate.  Always positive and encouraging.  Barb and Steve shared and lived many great years together.  We are thankful for that but we also appreciate life.  Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to Barb at this time.  As Betty stated it reminds me to live each day to it's fullest.  Roger

05/24/23 08:15 PM #272    


Jackie Anderson (Donley)

I was so sad to hear of Steve's passing. I've know him since 1st grade. He was my friend and married my friend Barb. He was always kind to me. Our parents were friends. I'm really going to miss him. It's hard to imagine, he's no longer with us. Barb, I'm holding you, Jeff and Susie close to my heart. RIP my dear Steve.

05/25/23 12:01 AM #273    


Louise Hince

So sorry to learn of Steve's passing !  He was fun with that tongue in cheek humor  , in high school ! I'm so sorry for your loss Barb !   There are no words , just hugs sent !

05/25/23 05:35 PM #274    

Bernie Moret (Paulovich)

I am so sorry to hear that Steve has passed away.  My deepest condolences to Barb and their family.


05/26/23 11:46 AM #275    


Chris Dominik (Cross)

My heart is aching for Barb. Anytime I thought of Steve I would smile. He had such a great sense of humor. RIP dear, Steve - you will be missed. 

05/26/23 06:08 PM #276    

Robert Johnston

I am so sorry to learn of Steve's passing he was one good guy. Barb you have my sincere sympathy.

05/28/23 03:45 PM #277    

Peter Morgan

I am sorry to hear of the death of Steve Wilmer. He was a real pal and part of our gang growing up in Lower Burrell. My condolences to his brother Tom and his family 


05/29/23 02:16 PM #278    


Bill Baker


Sandy and I shared a birthdate, which was always a fun thing between us.  When I was expelled as a result of the "event"  in the auditorium toward the end of our junior year, I was a bit embarrassed and was not planning on going to our junior prom .  But Sandy called me and asked me to go with her. What a great jesture on her part. Rest in peace my friend.

Bill Baker


05/30/23 02:22 PM #279    


Tom Nagy

Steve and I go back to 1st grade plus we were neighbors. Below is Steve's 1st grade photo.

Rest in Peace.

06/01/23 12:49 PM #280    


Wayne Schuricht

OK fellow 63er''s.  Only 107 days left before our 60th reunion on Sept 15 at the VFW in Lower Burrell, So time to makes your plans.  DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!!  With the recent passing of our Classmates Sandi Darrall and Steve Widmer it is evident that our time to gather and share our lives and memories is running out.  So if you haven't given serious thought to coming, please do.  Starts at 5:00PM (that's 1700 for you military types) and will last until the last man or woman standing - which at our age will probably be 10:00 (2200).  And don't forget we are planning a golf outing that morning for those interested.  No reservations or RSVP is required but it would be helpful if you let Yvonne or me know your intentions, especially if you want to play golf (it will be a scramble - probably at Birdsfoot).  Our contact info is available in multiple post on this message forum.  I hope we have a marvelous turnout and I look forward to meeting with each and everyone of you!  Wayne

06/02/23 07:48 AM #281    


Frances Massi (Haradzin)

Hi Wayne and Yvonne,

Thank you for the update on our class reunion!

We plan to attend the class reunion on September 15 at the VFW in Lower Burrell at 5 P.M.  Sorry, we cannot attend the golf outing.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Hoping that you and your families are doing very well.  Have a great weekend!

With warm regard from Ron and Fran Haradzin...

07/01/23 11:28 AM #282    


Wayne Schuricht

Greetings All!  OK, only 77 days until our 60th confab at the VFW in Lower Burrel on 15 Sept starting at 5:00 PM.  Plus a little Golf outing/scramble that morning for those interested and who have indicated they want to play.  I will publish a list shortly of attendees that have responded so far.  Everyone is welcome, spouses, kids, significant others, even parents if you are lucky enough to still have yours.  Finger foods will be provided, we will ask for a small voluntary donation to help cover the cost, but your liquid libations are on your ticket.  All contact info is posted in prior posts on the forum, please do not hesitate to call, text or email Yvonne or me if you have any questions or want to rsvp.  All the best , Wayne




07/04/23 02:12 PM #283    


Wayne Schuricht

Here's wishing that all the class of 63 and their loved ones have a safe and happy 4th of July.  It is certainly one of the most significant days in our history.  Millions of immigrants came to our shores looking for a better life.  My father was one of those, and he revered this day and the freedom it gives us.  Once again, Happy 4th and I hope all, or at least many of you, will be able to attend our 60th reunion on Sept 15 at the VFW in Lower Burrell.

Here is a list in no particular order of people who have indicated they will attend

Jim Antoniono, Jinky Sapinsky, Bob Kautzman, Karen Lahr, John Sopko,Pete Rowe, Bill Baker, Fran Massi Haradzin, Marsha Knull Dasch, Mike and Gertie Capsambellis, Skip Baker, John Dudkowski (golf), Jennifer Esmore Swierczewski, Reggie Woods (golf), Marie Sprumont Claypool, Russell Baranowski, Richard Prinkey, Barbara Dudek Yauch, Connie Allworth Hamilton, David Karol, Donald Bierhals, Donald Cooper, Gary Cunningham, Gary Voyten,Geraldine Krause Gier, Gretchen Howser McKelvey, Judy Aftanas Lecoco, Lilly Bakewell Bosak,Rebecca Adam's Seirup, Robert Lasher, Ruth Hereda, Virginia Ameres Johnson, Harry Woloson (golf), Tom Orszulak (golf), Fred Grau, Jackie Anderson Donley, Yvonne Pelino, and me(golf)

If your name is not on the list and you plan to attend, please let Yvonne Pelino or me know, and like wise if your name is on the list and you do not plan to attend let us know.  Yvonne might also have other names that I don't know about.

Please spread the word to any one you know.  Also any friends from adjacent classes are also invited and welcome.  There is more info throughout this message forum.  Cheers!

07/05/23 10:46 PM #284    


Chris Dominik (Cross)

Wyane - Sixty years! How can that be?!?! I'm so sorry that I am not able make this reunion. Thank you and Yvonne for the work you have done in planning this.
Love and greetings to the class of '63!!! 


07/07/23 10:19 AM #285    


Tom Orszulak (Tom Orszulak)



I will be driving to New Ken for the reunion and could give you a ride but will not be heading back for several weeks. Let me know if that helps  



07/08/23 12:06 PM #286    


Chris Dominik (Cross)

Thanks so much for the offer, Tom, but I'm going to have to pass. Have a great time!

07/18/23 02:20 PM #287    


Wayne Schuricht

Greetings all 63er'''s.  Just a quick reminder it is now only 59 days until our reunion on Sept 15 at the VFW in Lower Burrell starting at 5:00 PM (1700 for you military types).  So far ther are about 45 attendees, but we would love more.  So please notify me at or call or text me at 817-689-8640.  Also we are planning a golf outing/scramble for that morning.  So if you are interested in that PLEASE notify me as we have to arrange Tee times.  So far I know Tom Orszulak, Harry Woloson, Reggie Woods, John Dudkowski and me have signed up for golf.  And you can also notify Yvonne Pelino of your intentions.  Hope fully it will be a little cooler in Sept.  That's all for now!  Cheers!  Wayne

08/01/23 02:33 PM #288    


Wayne Schuricht

46 Day Countdown!!!!!  That's right only 46 days until PARTY TIME.  For those of you sitting on the fence, come on down!!!  We are all pushing 80, so don't procrastinate until it's too late!  Sept 15 at the VFW in Lower Burrell, starting at 5:00.  Spread the word, (no not thunderbird) to any classmates you might know!  Hope to see 'YOU' there!!!!!

08/15/23 07:48 PM #289    


Wayne Schuricht

OK 63er's, One, Uno,Eins, Month till "PARTY TIME"!!!  Be there or be square!!! (I can't believe I remembered that").  If you are still sitting on the fence, time to saddle up and mosey on down to the VFW in Lower Burrell on Sept 15 2023(that's this year) starting  at 5:00PM (1700) for you military types.  It's free, casual, and full of memories and friendship.  I hope to see you there!  Wayne

09/01/23 10:39 AM #290    


Wayne Schuricht

2 weeks and counting!!!  That's right only 14 days until we get together for our 60th party.  So if you are still on the fence, do your self a favor and get off the fence, saddle up and mosey, no run, on down to the VFW on Sept15 in Lower Burrell for a memorable, fun evening of laughs and memories.  Hope to see your there!

09/04/23 04:09 PM #291    


Roger Loughran

Hi Wayne, Jackie and Yvonne,

I really wish I could make the reunion and tried to figure every way to do so.  I will be in Colorado that weekend and then have two important VA appointments on Monday the 17th back in South Carolina. The thought of our classmates getting together has weighed heavily on my mind.  I wish I could be there for our most likely last opportunity to gather together and share memories. 

Along with this have been the many memories of the times we lived through.  We grew up and matured experiencing the struggles of living though the most turbulent times in our nation's history I would argue.  I remember exactly where I was when John Kennedy was assassinated.  Likewise where I was driving to Fort Riley in 1968 when I heard the news about Martin Luther King, the Tet Offensive and Bobby Kennedy being assassinated.  I recall fallen classmates and my last visit to New Kensington in 2015 where I went exploring. 

The VFW is the old Wild Life Lodge.  My dad would take us there on Saturdays and to community picnics.  I remember the Saturday Dick Ames and I ice skated from Parnassus on Puckety Creek to just short of the Wild Life Lodge and cooked lunch and his mother then picked us up.  I also remember how I felt when I found these amazing tributes to our times pictured below.   

Wayne I am putting a check in the mail to you tomorrow to help defray some of the expense.  I have one request though.  It was a tradition in WWII and during our times in Vietnam, that Brothers In Arms would remember the fallen by setting up a table with the chairs tops tipped leaning on the table with a table setting and a drink.  Usually a beer in a glass.  Would you please set up a table for my two friends I knew well on the Wall and pictured.  Harry Hendricks and Chipper Oliver. Harry and his brother Ray were good friends on Craigdell living next door to Sandra Meanor and Chipper was in the band trumpet section and on the golf team with me.   I would really appreciate it and if other’s know the other names from New Ken on the list, please include them at the table with a moment of silence and remembrance.  I don’t want to put a damper on the evening but feel it important our times of turbulence are remembered in some way,  It wasn’t all Happy Days. 

I wish I could be there and appreciate yours, Jackies and Yvonne's efforts in putting this reunion together.  Send me pictures of the gathering please.

Love you all and bless you all,

Roger Loughran
Red Raider 1963



09/05/23 06:53 PM #292    


Wayne Schuricht

I suspect I am sounding like a broken record, but there are only 10 days left before our reunion on Sept. 15, so still time to show up.  This message forum is full of all the particulars so I won't repeat all that info

However, for the golfers,  plan to meet at Buffalo golf course, near Freeport High School at 0730.  So far I know of 7 golfers, Gary Cunningham, Reggie Woods, John Dudkowski, Jim Antoniono, Tom Orszulak, Harry Woloson, and me.  Our tee times are 0804  and 0812.  We have room for one more if interested, so please notify me ASAP.  I anticipate we will play a shamble or scramble.  I know this is early, but we obviously need to be done early enough for the evening festivities.  Besides it allows enough time for a few cold ones after the round.  Again my number is 817-689-8640 of needed.  See you soon.


09/20/23 05:00 PM #293    


Wayne Schuricht

Howdy Yinz All,  Well it is now 5 days PR (Post Reunion) and Joann and I are safely ensconced home in Texas after nearly 3000 miles of driving.  And it was worth every mile!!!  By all accounts, the Reunion was quite successful.  And we had quite a few participants from surrounding classes.  The VFW did an outstanding job with the hall and food buffet!  No one had to wait for food or drinks.  A big shout out to Fred Grau who coordinated with the VFW!  And also another big shout out to Jeff Stayer who did his thing - spinning the platters of our favorite music!  And another one to Yvonne Pelino who spent a lot of hours planning the event.  And finally a special thanks to Jim Antoniono, Karen Lohr Petrarca, Roger Loughren, Tom Hart, Barb and Steve Widmer, Harry (Buzzy) Woloson, Tom (no longer Porky) Orszulak, and Fred Grau for their generous financial support.

We regrettably did not take any formal pictures, but there are a lot of them on Facebook in Ken Hi of the 1960's, and personal pages, like Yvonne Pelion"s and other classmates.

Will we have another??????  65 is in the future and unfortunately some of us reading this message will not be around.  So only time will tell.  Our web site is good thru that time, so that will be the main source of info.  I personally would love to have one and will continue to work to that end.  Maybe in 2 years, fall of 2025 we will plan for another mini reunion - hopefully.

Please stay safe and work to stay healthy.  I am proud to be a member of the Ken Hi Class of 1963!  All the best, Wayne

09/20/23 09:38 PM #294    


Yvonne Pelino (Pelino)

Thanks Wayne! Since not everyone is on the website, I will send out an email to all the people I have on my spreadhseet with an update and recap and maybe some pics!  It really was a labor of love and we all enjoyed seeing and interacting with each other as well as many members of the classes from 64, 65 and 66. those young whiper snappers:-).  The cupcake cake was a big hit!  Someone took one out of the corner before I could take the  If anyone reading this has any pictures that you took last Friday, please send them to me at or upload them to the facebook page for Ken High of the 1960's.  If you are not sure whether or not we have your email address and current phone number, etc., please send it to me via email, or text it to me at 561 307 4177.  

BTW, I'm thinking we should have another "mini" next year just to party, eat food and listen to music played by Jeff Stayer, but we will charge an entry fee this time just to help cover expenses, or...we can have a POT LUCK..just kidding, I don't Cook!  

God Bless and keep you healthy and strong and your days long.  Love and hugs, 

Yvonne Pelino


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