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10/19/21 12:35 PM #170    


Darlene Farkas (Sprowls)

Vaccines AND masks work to keep the virus 1.  Less virulent to you and 2. Contain the spread-especially to our young children.  So, even if you don't want to get the vaccine for yourself, PLEASE  consider getting ( and encouraging) it for those younger adults who think they are invincible.  My granddaughter was one of the unfortunate ones to get Covid one week after school started.  She attends Eastside Elementary in Atlanta.  They made national news because parents protested violently against masks.  Stella said that she wore a mask in the beginning, but stopped wearing it in the classroom because her teacher said that it was all right!!!  After 8 days, the school board quarantined the entire 5th grade of over 200 students plus teachers because the covid spread was so severe.  She was fortunate.  Her case only lasted for 11 days.  Her parents are vaccinated and they did not get it.  I've got my booster scheduled.

10/21/21 12:40 PM #171    

Sharon Heister (Presken)

Thanks Wayne for encouraging vaccines!  Thanks to everyone else who agreed! I just saw that Jackie sent out an email with news on Diane Laskey. I am writing the story and asking for a lot of prayers! Diane 's oldest sister, Patty, passed away 9/14 from cancer. Diane spent the last 5 weeks of Patty's life with her in Florida. The funeral was 9/18 and Diane drove home 9/19. On the 20th, she wrote me and said she had a UTI and wasn't feeling well. Four doses of antibiotic and she was no better so they changed her antibiotic. She wrote me that she was so weak that she couldn't get up off the sofa. That was 9/24. I think she went in the hospital about 9/26. She was placed on the critical list and had oxygen and the Drs. confrmed she had Covid. Bonnie Krupa, Anita Stillson and I were FB messaging her almost every day. We'd write her brief messages and she'd give us a thumbs up or heart back. Anita was the last of us to hear from her and Diane wrote ( in the middle of the night), It's not looking good. That was 10/13 and when they put her on a full ventilater. She's not doing good but we're hoping that prayers might help....and they sure won't hurt! Her daughter, Deb, lives near her, and I asked if I could write this and ask for prayers and she said yes. I wanted to add that Diane WAS NOT VACCINATED! She believed in natural immunity and her daughter is totally against vaccines and face masks and no matter how I tried, Diane would not get vaccines or wear a mask. Please people take this to heart and get your vaccines and please, please pray for Diane!  Thank you!     Sharon


10/21/21 04:14 PM #172    


Jackie Anderson (Donley)

Sharon thank you so much for posting this info on Diane. I'm glad to hear that you stayed in touch with her throughout this ordeal. I didn't know her sister passed away, they were so close.

What a shame that she chose not to receive the vaccines. I just don't understand when people make that choice for ridiculous reasons. 

10/21/21 06:42 PM #173    


Wayne Schuricht

Thanks for the update Sharon and WOW what a shocker and heartbreaker.  I am not an expert, just an old, retired ER doc who has seen my share of death during my 32 years in the pit.  But I do keep in touch with many colleagues who are still working and they are unequivocally astounded at the foolishness of those who chose not to get the "shots".  One of my former partners told me yesterday, he has intubated and started central IV lines on more patients in the last 2 years, than in his total prior 30 plus years in the ER.  Another colleague and my classmate from medical school who runs the intensive care unit at are large hospital here in Tyler, TX. Told me that the great majority of critical patients on life support were not vaccinated, many of whom were taking Ivermectin thinking it would protect them.  My wife and I got our booster shots last week - Moderna.  There are no guarantees that you won't get Covid and that you won't die from it ( witness Collin Powell, who also had significant other medical problems) and needless to say most of us at our age will have some other medical issues like diabetes and high blood pressure etc.  This is not a POLITICAL issue, it is a medical one.  Please do not think you are infallible, do all that you can to protect yourself and those you love.  I am probably still alive thanks to the wonders of modern medical science (cardiac bypass surgery) and hope to stay that way for a weeeeeeee bit longer.  So please seriously consider your decisions!

10/21/21 09:18 PM #174    

Sharon Heister (Presken)

Diane had no past medical problems. She walked 4,5,6, miles every morning on the beach. One strong lady!!!! She firmly believed in natural immunity plus her daughter was putting so much pressure on everyone to not get vaccines and she ridiculed people for wearing masks. I'm sure that all had something to do with it. The doctors don't have much hope and it's such a shame because this could have been avoided and she could be healthy and happy! I can't get my mind off it. She's suffering so and she's doing it alone!


Ed and I got our vaccines in Jan. and Feb. We got our flu shots  2 weeks ago and are getting the Covid boosters next week. Everyone in the family has had their shots and Christy's in-laws also. We all wear masks when we're out and about. We're trying to be responsible to our own family and to others! Hope everyone has done the same! Stay healthy and please pray for Diane!


10/22/21 02:51 PM #175    


Barbara Vestrand (Shema)

Sharon, thank you for the update on Diane. She was a good friend with whom I've been out of contact since she  moved away. It is so very sad and disturbing that she was not vaccinated, and had been in such good health. 

My husband and I got our initial Pfizer shots in February and March, and just got our Pfizer booster this week on Wednesday. We wear masks and are remaining cautious in our activities.

Everyone...please, please, please get vaccinated if you are not already. Please read what Wayne has to say from his experience as a doctor and his colleague's current experience with the pandemic. 

Be well, stay safe...get vaccinated.


10/22/21 09:47 PM #176    


Scott Hunter

Classmates, it's horrible what Diane is going through. My heart aches for her. The insanity is that it didn't have to happen. I remember in grade school how frightened I was to get polio. Then everyone got the Salk vaccine. Polio went away. I live in Franklin County, Massachusetts. A friend who is a nurse told me that Franklin County is 90% vaccinated. From May through the first two weeks in September there were no COVID cases in Franklin Medical Center. Since mid-September through October they have had 2 cases of the COVID Delta variant. Everyone wears masks in indoor public places. No one in Franklin County wants to die. No one wants to kill their neighbors. I do not understand people who don't get this. They must be curled,up on a ball with imaginary anger, fear, and anxiety. How can they not see that the trolls on social media are spreading lies? For me COVID today is polio in the 50s. You take the vaccine.  Why people do things that are against their interests is beyond me. 

10/23/21 08:14 AM #177    


Betty Horvath (Byrne)

I am so saddened to hear of the battle Diane is going thru with COVID!  She was so healthy and vibraint always posting nature pictures of beautiful Tybee Island, or food she prepared.  I have recently missed seeing her posts, and wondered why she stopped.  Now I know.  Thank you Sharon for the update and Jackie for letting us know so that we can send angels to protect her and pray for her, and her medical team to help her fight this battle.  I have seen this virus first hand thru a forever friend, and a distant that I lost, and what it can do to someone healthy.  It is quite frightening and awakening! I exchanged alot of Facebook comments with Diane, but don't have her cell to text.  Hopefully her family is around and supporting her and her husband.  The really trajic part is no-one can be with her to hold her hand - and/or, pray with her.  Keeping the faith!  Stay safe and well!  Keep us updated, please!  --Betty


10/23/21 01:18 PM #178    


Wayne Schuricht

I know we are all shocked and saddened to hear about Diane Laskey and pray/hope she will recover.  I am heartened bythe kind words and responses posted on this message board wishing her the best and imploring those of us who have chosen not to get vaccinated to do so.  Obviously this is a personal choice and with every choice there are consequences, good and bad.  I have voiced my opinion and what I and my total nuclear family have done, but I too have family members who have chosen not to get vaccinated.  I love them all and hope and pray they will stay healthy.  So I will not belabor the point any longer

On a second note, I let my OCD get a hold of me and I was interested in seeing how many people actually use this web site.  By my count, 36 different people have actually posted something on this message board starting on July 16, 2012.  This will be posting #178.  And unfortunately several of those people have passed away.  The  profile page lists about 400 classmate names, with 147 having some sort of info.  And well over 100 of us have passed away.  Obviously not a stellar percentage of participantsusing the site.    It sure would be nice if we could get more people to use this site.  So I am asking/suggesting if you know a classmate who is not on or doesn't use this site, to encourage them to sign.  I know I am preaching to the choir, but just maybe we might engage a classmate who really doesn't know about the site and how easy it is to use.  Nuff said, please take care of yourselves and enjoy the time we have left.  Wayne






10/23/21 03:09 PM #179    

Sharon Heister (Presken)

To those of you on here, who have not already read Jackie's email post, I am devastated to say that we lost our little cheerleader. Diane passed at 2;30 AM this morning, after a huge fight with Covid. Please say prayers for the family and please,please get your vaccines and use a mask!!!!!


10/23/21 03:34 PM #180    

Rebecca Tipton (Boland)

So sorry to hear about Diane. I don't understand why people do not want the vaccine. Things could have been so different for Diane had she received the vaccine. Dan and I have had it and still wear our mask when in public. Trying to protect us and others around us. Prayers for Diane's family. So sad 😞

10/23/21 03:43 PM #181    


Tom Orszulak (Tom Orszulak)

Fellow classmates, I have been a silent participant on our web page. I would like add encouragement to all of us to use your best judgement regarding the Covid shot. My expertise is not infectious disease but have collaborated with my colleagues with infectious problems. In my career and now, I try to use information not intimidation to help everyone to make the best choice for their healthcare. We have been blessed with free choice to guide us in life. There is a lot of pressure to conform to policy but after 1 1/2 years of true data, we must realize the vaccine does not guarantee life without Covid but has proven to minimize death from the virus. I wish all of you the best of health and to make the best choice. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and healthy a New Year. Tom





10/23/21 04:55 PM #182    


Chris Dominik (Cross)

Dear Classmates -

Thank you for your updates on Diane and your comments about Covid.  I hope this tragedy, of losing Diane, will encourage those who are not vaccinated to do so.  I saw Diane on her wonderful Tybee Island several years ago. I will miss her and the beautiful photos she would take on her walks. It will take awhile to realize that she is no longer with us  Rest In Peace, Diane.




10/23/21 05:39 PM #183    


Angela Redding (Reiter Hill)

I am so very sad with the news of Diane's passing.  I will keep her and her family in my prayers.

10/23/21 05:48 PM #184    


Darlene Farkas (Sprowls)

So sad.  So unnecessary.  RIP, Diane.  I just hope that her passing will encourage others to get the vaccine.  My Moderna booster is scheduled for this Tuesday morning.  I don't like shots, but will get this one willingly.

10/23/21 07:35 PM #185    


Betty Horvath (Byrne)

I'm stunned and shocked to hear of the loss of our vibriant, vivacious friend Diane.  She so loved her family, nature, humanity and friends.  I sure will miss our short exchanges on F.B. and her amazing pictures from her daily walks. I had hoped to stop at Tybee later this year and see this place she loved!  Diane, I'm confident your "new home" also meets your expectations!  Rest in Peace my friend!  Prayers!

10/23/21 08:31 PM #186    


Roger Loughran

Amen Betty. This did not need to happen. This occurred due to poor advice and family peer pressure. She will miss her as will many of our classmates. She was a shining beacon of enjoyment of life, family and where we lived in our retirement and later years. Diane I will miss you. Roger l

10/23/21 08:31 PM #187    


Roger Loughran

Amen Betty. This did not need to happen. This occurred due to poor advice and family peer pressure. She will miss her as will many of our classmates. She was a shining beacon of enjoyment of life, family and where we lived in our retirement and later years. Diane I will miss you. Roger l

10/24/21 11:28 AM #188    

Bernie Moret (Paulovich)



10/24/21 04:27 PM #189    


Yvonne Pelino (Pelino)

I too am very grieved at the passing of Diane Laskey. We grew up together in Valley Heights and were cheerleaders together. There but for the Grace of God go any of us. Prayers for her children, grand children and of course her husband. RIP Diane.

10/24/21 04:42 PM #190    

Jeffrey Stayer

The tragedy of Diane Laskey's passing is certainly amplified by the fact that it could have likely been prevented. Our own son, who is single, has thus far resisted vaccination, claiming fear of the effects, all the while proclaiming proudly himself a "libertarian". He's continued to play live music events with various bands in Nashville where he lives as well as on the road and has been lucky so far. He finally went to see a PCP who told him his blood work revealed that he carries some COVID antibodies. You can image the angst his position on this has caused for us. It's hard to parent about this to a 41-year-old man who has otherwise led a responsible, exemplary life. Linda and I just today received our booster Moderna shots and our 39-year-old daughter will receive hers next month. At least we will feel more protected to have our son visit during the holidays. Kudos to Wayne and everyone who has spoken out about this issue that is most certainly medical, but too many want to make everything political these days. What a shame. Here's hoping we all stay sane, stay safe and stay well in a time of cultural chaos.

Jeff Stayer

10/24/21 04:43 PM #191    

Carol Matviko (Laflin)

Another angel watching over us all.

10/24/21 06:12 PM #192    


Wayne Schuricht

Well, Diane's passing has certainly been a shock to all of us, and we are all deeply saddened by losing her.  However, I implore all of us to not too quickly chastise her and especially her family for her choice.  As Tom and I have both stated we all make choices that have consequences and getting the Covid vaccine is not an absolute guarantee of immunity, although I think it has been shown to mitigate the seriousness of the disease if contracted.  Jeff Stayer commented that his son is afraid of the side affects.  To my knowledge they are minimal, ranging from essentially nothing in my case, to significant flu like symptoms in others.  Maybe someone has had a severe reaction and possibly even death from it.  But I certainly would not hesitate to get it again and to advocate its efficacy.  The other question is masking, and my response to that, other than the slight inconvenience, is that it probably does help and doesn't hurt to protect "you" from me.

I would like to thank Chris for sharing that wonderful picture of Diane and her.  Those smiles are contagious.  If there is one shred of good in all this, I think it will bring us all closer together, to share our lives and stories with one another!!!  Peace/Shalom and happiness to all of you!  Now I will go shed another tear for Diane!

10/24/21 11:03 PM #193    


Louise Hince

Diane and I got closer again on FB and Messenger. We had to agree to disagree about Covid Vaccines and masking !   I'm already boostered ! But she was so sure !!

I am a retired Microbiologist/Environmental Scientist and worked with genetically engineered microbes in conjunction with two companies-Genex in Md and Genentech overseas ! But Di and her family were all disbelievers !  Most of the family got Covid after the funeral in Fl.  Only Diane was hospitalized!  God I miss our GAB sessions! 
I kind of still can't accept it !! 
Stay smart and safe my friends!!

10/25/21 05:02 PM #194    

Sandra Covert (Steele)

Can't believe Diane is being disrespected
In her passing. She made her decision
And we all should respect that. I think you all should read Tom Orzulak's
Response. So far he is the only
One who is making sense. God
Bless you Diane.

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