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04/18/20 09:06 PM #114    


Wayne Schuricht

Howdy again 63er’s.  I would just like to say a few words about Scott Hunter’s book, “And the Monkey Let’s Go.”  I was one of Scott’s buddies all thru our school years, Greenwald Elementary, Valley Heights, Ridge Ave. Jr. High and Ken Hi.  Reading his book was a real treat!  Recapping our school years, but more so learning about the unusual journey thru life that Scott has “lived”.  I can honestly say it was a journey that I am sure NONE of us experienced.  His personal battles with religion, family, and especially alcohol and drug addiction, and his RECOVERY, are a very entertaining and rewarding read.  Please consider reading his book - you will enjoy it, I sure did!

04/19/20 02:58 PM #115    


Barbara Vestrand (Shema)

Congratulations, Scott!  Wishing you much success with your book, and best wishes through this difficult time of isolation.

07/14/20 01:35 PM #116    


Wayne Schuricht

Howdy Fellow 63er’s!  I hope this little note gets some reads as it seems that we have all been consumed with the Covid 19 pandemic.  We are living through a very difficult time, obviously.  Needless to say, our generation was lucky we grew up when we did and where we did.  I wonder what kind of world our kids, and especially our grandkids will find.  We must all do our best to make it the best future possible for them, so please be safe, practice safe, and give them a fighting chance.  Hopefully medical science will soon come up with a vaccine and efficacious treatment modalities to help treat and prevent such horrendous outbreaks in the future.  The lesson to learn here is that we must now and in the future be very vigilant and proactive before the worst happens.  I hope you and yours are all well and look forward to a time when we can safely meet again.  Wayne

07/15/20 01:05 PM #117    

Chris Dominik (Cross)

Thanks, Wayne - you take care, as well. 

07/15/20 01:39 PM #118    

Jeffrey Stayer

Thanks, Wayne.....well said. You're a guiding light.

07/15/20 03:03 PM #119    


Jackie Anderson (Donley)

Thanks Wayne, we need to support each other during these times. I find these days very difficult as I'm following the safety guidelines. I miss the simple things, hugging my friends, sharing a meal at a restaurant, or going to a movie. 

07/15/20 04:07 PM #120    


Frances Massi (Haradzin)

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for thinking of everyone and sharing your thoughts and well wishes at this very unique time in all of our lives.  During this time of the virus, I have thought about each one of you.  I have prayed for everyone's good health, for your safety, and for a vaccine that will help everyone on this beautiful earth.  Love and blessings from Fran Haradzin

07/15/20 04:36 PM #121    


Yvonne Pelino (Pelino)

Hi Wayne: Yes, I have been thinking about all the classmates and thought perhaps by August/Sept, we would be able to have a picnic or something, but everything is still changing from day to day.  I would still love to have a ZOOM Class reunion, have just been too busy to figure it all and to get an email sent to everyone, but I will work on it this weekend. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I have been extremely busy still working selling advertising for our senior magazine here in  I have also been a little too brave in venturing out to various places, some out door restaurants and family get togethers. Guess I have always been a risk taker:-).  I'm just taking the necessary precautions with masks and gloves and social distancing when able, and also keeping my immune system built up with the recommended doses of Vit C, Vit D and Zinc (which I have always taken), so hoping to remain in good health. Would be nice to hear your honest perspective on this virus and potential treatments from you Wayne, since you were an ER Doctor! Let us know your professional thoughts on all of this. Well, everyone stay safe and pray for a quick cure and an end to this  Pandemic Madness! God Bless and keep us all.



07/15/20 04:47 PM #122    

Sandra Darrall

A friend that I had breakfast with less than 2 weeks ago just tested positive. So, off to get tested. Now I have to wait 4-5days. It sucks, virus is terrible in South Florida. Its crazy with people not wearing masks. Oh well wish me luck.

07/15/20 05:32 PM #123    


Roger Loughran

Thanks for the inspiration in dealing with all of this.  As Jeff says, you are the class of 63 Guiding Light.  You are the Grand Poopa of the Red Raiders.  

07/15/20 06:07 PM #124    


Darlene Farkas (Sprowls)

Who would have EVER thought we would be in this pandemic situation? We grew up in idyllic times, indeed.  I hope y'all are staying safe, being safe and being kind to everyone.  I am living in Mount Dora Florida and although Florida is a Covid hotspot, my neighborhood and city have done an excellent job of promoting social distancing, mask wearing, etc.  I feel for our kids and their kids trying to navigate through this mess. Online school, brick and mortar school, home school?   All present pro and con reasons for their choice.  I pray daily for an  effective vaccine soon.  Stay well, '63ers.

07/16/20 07:23 AM #125    

James R. Antoniono

I can host a ZOOM event through our office ZOOM account. It would be as simple as sending out a link. Thanks for the suggestion Yvonne. There would be no limit on how many could join in. It would be a BYOB event.

07/16/20 07:28 AM #126    


Betty Horvath (Byrne)

Thanks Wayne. We value your insight. I take the virus and social distancing very serious since I lost a VERY dear and close friend to this horrific virus. He was tested negative on Thursday, after being exposed, and in the hospital the following Tuesday, coming down with symptons 3 days after negative testing.  He passed 3 weeks later.  Watching someone die via facetime was lifechanging for me. Not being able to help with any of the new drugs, since they were only distributed to "certain" research hospitals, was frustrating. Couldn't be with him, couldn't have a funeral - awful.  Be careful, my friends!  I'm working virtually only, and yes, it gets lonely since I love people, but it's what we have to do for the time being.  MA is in great shape now, and for the most part everyone is being smart here, but as I see resurgenece in other states, it encourages me to ride the tide longer. My children are my angels who still deliver everything I need, plus a lot of on-line ordering.  One daughter has a home in NH on a Lake, and that's been a great escape. I sure have gotten to know my neighborhood by sitting on my front porch, and taking daily walks.  Enjoy the outdoors, family, and friends in different ways.  I too pray for and end soon.  I'm in for a Zoom call, I'm on them everyday with work.  God Bless you all!    

07/16/20 12:43 PM #127    

Jackie Oliver (Cohen)

Dear Wayne,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful post. We are living in a nightmarish time. My husband just lost his brother and one of my best friends lost her father, whom I had known since his grandkids and my kids were babies, to COVID. My husband and I remain vigilant. I haven't been inside a grocery store since early March; we use delivery. We see our Denver daughter and family from a distance outside. The three-year-old cries that he wants to hug his Nana. I used to pick him up from school twice a week; now I see him for maybe an hour once a week. I missed the birthdays of both Seattle grandchildren; my sole granddaughter is distraught that I can't visit; we do a lot of FaceTime. I won't even contemplate a plane ride.

I read a lot. I try not to read all the news and commentary but find myself compulsively going from one news site to another and reading all the science articles I can find. I walk twice a day to stay sane. I garden. I compulsively keep my house spotless. I'm even ironing t-shirts! There are days that I am bored beyond belief! I miss my friends and family.

When I read the stats on the increasing number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in way too many states, I grow increasingly despondent that this will be our way of life for a very long time. I fear that we have become inured to the climbing numbers, unless we personally experience the death of a loved one. Our country is losing the battle against this virulent virus. It doesn’t need to be. Other countries are faring far better than we are. “Last Sunday, Germany (population 80.2 million) had 159 new cases of covid-19; Florida (population 21.5 million) had 15,300” (Washington Post).

We need to come together as a nation and fight this together. Wearing a mask should not be a political decision. We each should wear a mask to protect others. Masks do work to stop the spread. A very recent study has shown that masks protect the wearer as well, so to wear a mask has a potential win-win outcome. We need to always socially distance, even when it is tempting to hang out with friends and family with whom we do not live. I see in my neighborhood large groups ignoring the Denver directives, usually young families, partying with no masks and everyone on top of each other.

We need to be socially responsible to protect ourselves and others. There are many who are exposed because they are on the front lines, working in our factories and processing plants, grocery stores, and of course, in our hospitals. All of these individuals literally risk their lives to serve the rest of us. We must not be cavalier about our behaviors as they who have no choice do their best to engage in safest practices. We owe it to them to take this pandemic seriously. We must practice safe and responsible behaviors. We need to respect the safety and heath of others. That includes following directives. If some states closed to us, such as New York, New Jersey, and New England, require quarantine, we need to respect that directive. I know someone who recently flew to New York City, and is completely ignoring the quarantine. Somehow, they think that they are virus-free (no test) and don’t need to quarantine. I also know a Canadian citizen who just returned to Canada from the US. He had to provide to border agents details regarding where and how he would be conducting that quarantine. Four days later he was contacted by the RCMP, checking on him, at which time he was reminded that if he did not obey the quarantine regulations, he could be subjected to a $1,000,000 fine and three years of prison! Canada is protecting their population. It’s up to us to protect our population.

We can each encourage our local, state, and national representatives to do their job to develop a plan to keep us safe, to reduce the numbers, and reverse the runaway course we are on with this virus. Write to your representatives. But ultimately, it is up to each of us to look out for not just ourselves, but for each other. Finally, as Senator (R) Mark Rubio urged, “Just wear the damn mask!”.

I pray that you, my classmates, remain safe and well. For those of you personally touched by this virus, I feel your pain and sorrow. For those of you who have dark days, I can relate. My hope is that we come out of this stronger as a nation - “one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.

Jackie Oliver Cohen
Denver, CO

07/16/20 04:26 PM #128    

Jackie Oliver (Cohen)


I’d like to add a post note. My Seattle son-in-law teaches his son and daughter to always look for the silver lining, no matter how upsetting they may find a situation.


My silver lining is that I live a comfortable life, I have children who look out for me, I have loving family and friends, and foremost, I am in good health. I try to remind myself daily to be grateful for that which I do have, rather than that which I am missing, especially when I find myself feeling hopeless.


Jackie Oliver Cohen

07/16/20 05:42 PM #129    


Yvonne Pelino (Pelino)

Amen Jackie. We all need to count our blessings. We still live in a Free country.  Take care.



07/16/20 10:18 PM #130    


Wayne Schuricht

WOW, what a nice surprise to see notes from so many classmates.  I recently called and talked with Gary Cunningham, who lives near Buffalo, NY, and happily he and his family are well.  There are a lot of classmates who have been pretty much absent from this website, so in Covid boredom I started looking through our 63 class reunion book, and guess what, there are lots of phone numbers and email addresses in it - DUH!!!  So I have decided to pick up the phone and call some of those folks.  Gary was thrilled I called and we had a great chat. So if you want to connect with some one look in your reunion book if you have one.  And if you don't have one call me 817-689-8640 and we can chat and I'll look throught my book for you and maybe find that special number for you! All your notes today made this one of the best days I have had in months.  Thanks to all , stay safe and keep in touch!  Wayne

07/17/20 12:17 PM #131    

Jackie Oliver (Cohen)


I am so sorry for your loss. What I found most difficult is not to have a funeral and being able to sit shiva (Jewish tradition is to receive family and friends at your home for seven days to share in your morning). It makes the death surreal. My sister-in-law had no family with her as she mourned the loss of her husband. She could not see him and as so many others he died alone. 

I am happy for you that you have caring family, work, and a place to escape.  Stay well. 

Jackie Oliver Cohen



07/18/20 12:36 PM #132    


Angela Redding (Reiter Hill)

Hello Wayne and thank you for your wonderful note.  We are blessed with good health, two loving kitties, and plenty of projects and crafts.  We really haven't had that big of a change in our lives during this time, except for seeing some relatives.  Doing good and hoping for a more peaceful world in the future.  Take care and be well.  Angela

07/18/20 06:25 PM #133    


Wayne Schuricht

Good to hear from you Angela and glad you are all healthy and safe.  I know I sound like a broken record, but we do live not too far apart.  So once it is safe to gather, let’s do it before it is too late.  You and Ron come visit us here in the real Texas “ Cowtown or Panther City”, and we’ll come to the upper crust!!!

07/28/20 10:42 PM #134    


Jackie Anderson (Donley)

Hi Everyone 

I wanted to let you know that I have quite a few program books from the 50th Class Reunion. I know it was in 2013 but it has a list of all the classmates with their contact information.  

I would be willing to send you one if you're interested. Maybe you came to the reunion and misplaced it or you just weren't able to make it, I would be happy to mail you one.

Also I make an effort to update any information regarding changes in emails, phone numbers and addresses so if you are one of those who made some changes since 2013, please let me know.

Thank you and let's stay positive and hopeful in this new world we're living in today.



07/29/20 01:07 PM #135    


Wayne Schuricht

Thanks Jackie, that’s is very nice of you!  Just think, only 3 more years to 60!  Here’s hoping we will all be around to make it!!!

07/29/20 06:31 PM #136    

Jeffrey Stayer

Jackie -

Thanks but I still have are another of our guiding lights!

Jeff Stayer

07/29/20 07:40 PM #137    


Jackie Anderson (Donley)

Thanks Wayne and Jeff, I'm happy to do that, anything for our classmates!


08/03/20 05:11 PM #138    


Wayne Schuricht

Hi 63er’s, I posted a picture on my page with the classmates who attended our last mini-reunion in Nov 2019.  See how many you recognize and can name.  Then maybe we will post the real names in a few weeks, if we remember!!!

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