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10/23/21 04:55 PM #182    


Chris Dominik (Cross)

Dear Classmates -

Thank you for your updates on Diane and your comments about Covid.  I hope this tragedy, of losing Diane, will encourage those who are not vaccinated to do so.  I saw Diane on her wonderful Tybee Island several years ago. I will miss her and the beautiful photos she would take on her walks. It will take awhile to realize that she is no longer with us  Rest In Peace, Diane.




10/23/21 05:39 PM #183    


Angela Redding (Reiter Hill)

I am so very sad with the news of Diane's passing.  I will keep her and her family in my prayers.

10/23/21 05:48 PM #184    


Darlene Farkas (Sprowls)

So sad.  So unnecessary.  RIP, Diane.  I just hope that her passing will encourage others to get the vaccine.  My Moderna booster is scheduled for this Tuesday morning.  I don't like shots, but will get this one willingly.

10/23/21 07:35 PM #185    


Betty Horvath (Byrne)

I'm stunned and shocked to hear of the loss of our vibriant, vivacious friend Diane.  She so loved her family, nature, humanity and friends.  I sure will miss our short exchanges on F.B. and her amazing pictures from her daily walks. I had hoped to stop at Tybee later this year and see this place she loved!  Diane, I'm confident your "new home" also meets your expectations!  Rest in Peace my friend!  Prayers!

10/23/21 08:31 PM #186    


Roger Loughran

Amen Betty. This did not need to happen. This occurred due to poor advice and family peer pressure. She will miss her as will many of our classmates. She was a shining beacon of enjoyment of life, family and where we lived in our retirement and later years. Diane I will miss you. Roger l

10/23/21 08:31 PM #187    


Roger Loughran

Amen Betty. This did not need to happen. This occurred due to poor advice and family peer pressure. She will miss her as will many of our classmates. She was a shining beacon of enjoyment of life, family and where we lived in our retirement and later years. Diane I will miss you. Roger l

10/24/21 11:28 AM #188    

Bernie Moret (Paulovich)



10/24/21 04:27 PM #189    


Yvonne Pelino (Pelino)

I too am very grieved at the passing of Diane Laskey. We grew up together in Valley Heights and were cheerleaders together. There but for the Grace of God go any of us. Prayers for her children, grand children and of course her husband. RIP Diane.

10/24/21 04:42 PM #190    

Jeffrey Stayer

The tragedy of Diane Laskey's passing is certainly amplified by the fact that it could have likely been prevented. Our own son, who is single, has thus far resisted vaccination, claiming fear of the effects, all the while proclaiming proudly himself a "libertarian". He's continued to play live music events with various bands in Nashville where he lives as well as on the road and has been lucky so far. He finally went to see a PCP who told him his blood work revealed that he carries some COVID antibodies. You can image the angst his position on this has caused for us. It's hard to parent about this to a 41-year-old man who has otherwise led a responsible, exemplary life. Linda and I just today received our booster Moderna shots and our 39-year-old daughter will receive hers next month. At least we will feel more protected to have our son visit during the holidays. Kudos to Wayne and everyone who has spoken out about this issue that is most certainly medical, but too many want to make everything political these days. What a shame. Here's hoping we all stay sane, stay safe and stay well in a time of cultural chaos.

Jeff Stayer

10/24/21 04:43 PM #191    

Carol Matviko (Laflin)

Another angel watching over us all.

10/24/21 06:12 PM #192    


Wayne Schuricht

Well, Diane's passing has certainly been a shock to all of us, and we are all deeply saddened by losing her.  However, I implore all of us to not too quickly chastise her and especially her family for her choice.  As Tom and I have both stated we all make choices that have consequences and getting the Covid vaccine is not an absolute guarantee of immunity, although I think it has been shown to mitigate the seriousness of the disease if contracted.  Jeff Stayer commented that his son is afraid of the side affects.  To my knowledge they are minimal, ranging from essentially nothing in my case, to significant flu like symptoms in others.  Maybe someone has had a severe reaction and possibly even death from it.  But I certainly would not hesitate to get it again and to advocate its efficacy.  The other question is masking, and my response to that, other than the slight inconvenience, is that it probably does help and doesn't hurt to protect "you" from me.

I would like to thank Chris for sharing that wonderful picture of Diane and her.  Those smiles are contagious.  If there is one shred of good in all this, I think it will bring us all closer together, to share our lives and stories with one another!!!  Peace/Shalom and happiness to all of you!  Now I will go shed another tear for Diane!

10/24/21 11:03 PM #193    


Louise Hince

Diane and I got closer again on FB and Messenger. We had to agree to disagree about Covid Vaccines and masking !   I'm already boostered ! But she was so sure !!

I am a retired Microbiologist/Environmental Scientist and worked with genetically engineered microbes in conjunction with two companies-Genex in Md and Genentech overseas ! But Di and her family were all disbelievers !  Most of the family got Covid after the funeral in Fl.  Only Diane was hospitalized!  God I miss our GAB sessions! 
I kind of still can't accept it !! 
Stay smart and safe my friends!!

10/25/21 05:02 PM #194    

Sandra Covert (Steele)

Can't believe Diane is being disrespected
In her passing. She made her decision
And we all should respect that. I think you all should read Tom Orzulak's
Response. So far he is the only
One who is making sense. God
Bless you Diane.

10/26/21 10:32 AM #195    

Gary Voyten

I also agree with Sandra's comments concerning Diane. Let's be more compassionate and respectful of other classmates' decisions even though they may be different than our own. Life is not perfect!  I also agree with Tom's respectful and insightful comments. Peace,love,tranquility,and goodness to you all.

10/26/21 07:27 PM #196    


Wayne Schuricht

WOW, what a wonderful outpouring of love and caring for Diane Laskey Belitskus!!  It is really heartwarming to see so many classmates participate on this message forum and web site.  As I have stated before, this is a wonderful way for the class to keep in touch, much better than classmates or facebook in my opinion,cause it is just for us.  And it is free and free from ads.  So let's continue to share or lives, stories, and families with each other with the obvious mutual respect and warmth of classmates and friends.  If you are reading this, I know I am preaching to the choir, but maybe you know a classmate who isn't on the site or is inactive, that you might just be able to encourage to log in.  And it is sooooo easy to post a picture!  I for one love to see pictures of you and your families.  We all look "a little" different than our glamorous days back in old Ken Hi.  If you are interested and don't know how please call me and I will talk you through the process (817-689-8640).  The holiday season will soon be upon us, so let miss wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed Christmas a weeeeeee bit early.  Wayne

10/27/21 07:11 AM #197    

Therese Pugliese (DiCicco)


Through this pandemic I learned this from the Jews. When someone passes they say " May their memory be a blessing"... beautiful 

During our years at Mt.Vernon and PJHS Diane and I walked and talked our way all over the neighborhood. We usually ended up on the seesaw on the Mt. Vernon playground. Remember Mrs. Brown Mrs. Brown  what will you give me if I let you down? Well, if you know me you know Diane was usually the one up in the air! She would come up with hilarious things she would give me " to let her down". How we would laugh...

May Diane's memory and the memories of all our departed classmates be blessings.

10/28/21 01:17 PM #198    

Ann Bia (Rivers)

I am so sad to hear of Dianes passing! My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.I have fond memories of Diane from high school. she was such a happy person and I remember she was always smiling.   Rest in Peace my Friend  Annie

10/29/21 06:41 PM #199    

Michael Capsambelis

Classmates as we think about Diane and how much we we will miss her I agree with Sandy she was a year into her retirement I am sure that many of you are not sure how awful Covid ICU is !! Maybe one of our docs could explain it to you then maybe you would pray for the time Diane suffered I remember that big smile yea red, yea black the whole gym lit up even though we were losing. I Knew you were there too,Yvonne. Love to all stay well,Mike

10/29/21 07:00 PM #200    

Michael Capsambelis

Mike,again, I would not try to explain what I ask our docs to do! I just think It's not easy and our class is to bright to go for this or that appreciate your time and patience 🙏 love to all peace remember we were the children of the sixties

10/30/21 03:15 PM #201    


Marnie Yinger (Sandham)

Losing Diane has hit me harder than anyone I've lost recently and I hated to think of her suffering.   I think it was because we bonded as little girls, under the age of 8, living a block from each other on Mt. Vernon.  I considered my life ideal, back then and was a "free range child".  Just be back by dark!  Where were you? OUT. What were you doing? Nuttin'. I treasure those simpler times. Diane always seemed to be such an optimist and enjoyed life so much.

12/08/21 12:36 PM #202    


Wayne Schuricht

Howdy Y"all,  I suppose most of us have read Jackie's post about Marilyn Hawkins Classen"s health issue with lung cancer.  I know she would appreciate a greeting, prayers, and best wishes from her classmates.  So please keep her in your hearts and thoughts.  We are all entering into unchartered waters as we progress, fortunately, on this journey, so please enjoy your families and friends and memories of the good times!  Wishing everyone a Blessed, Merry Christmas, and a great 2022!

12/31/21 09:27 AM #203    

Robert Kautzman

I have periodically text on of our classmates, Mike (MJ) Entry and over the past three months I have gotten radio silence.  Concerned about his welfare.   MJ is retired in Michigan and worked at an auto assembly plant. 
He had a younger brother named Babe Entry who he recently.  They grew up in Valley Heights. If anyone should happen to know how I may get in touch with his brother, I would like to know. Thanks

01/01/22 12:41 PM #204    

Sharon Heister (Presken)

Hi Bob!  I just looked up Michael J Entry for you on Ancestry and probably got the same info you already have. He's lived for quite awhile on 2001 Carlsbrook Dr., Temperance , Michigan 48182-1136. His phone number is 734-856-8486. This was the same info he gave us for our 50th reunion. Ancestry said this was good through 2020. The good news is they don't have any records for death on him! I only found one brother, Patrick Entry, and he was born March of 1944 so he would be an older brother. They have him living in Leesville, SC and also in Massachusetts where he died 12/18/2009. I found him also in our yearbook, a year ahead of us, graduate of 1962. I found no mention on Ancestry of Michael being married or having any children. I'll keep looking and let you know if I find more.   Sharon


01/02/22 10:45 AM #205    

Robert Kautzman

It is with sadness that in my quest to locate Mike (MJ) Entry, I found a recent obituary of him in a Toledo, Ohio newspaper.  He died near the end of October 2021 and had text me about 5 days before he died.  He gave no indication he had any critical life-ending health issues.

Mike was from Valley Heights and good friends of my cousins- Charles and Jack Baum (63).  While I lived near the terrace, we frequently played baseball, softball, and other things that once in awhile got us in or out of trouble.  MJ was a good guy and liked by everyone that knew him well.   I will miss him.

01/02/22 11:27 AM #206    


Wayne Schuricht

Sorry to hear about MJ's passing.  He was a good friend from Valley Heights.  I remember many basketball games at the old Valley Heights School playground where he had a deadly two handed shot.  May his soul rest in eternal peace.  

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