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12/23/20 10:21 AM #144    


Chris Dominik (Cross)

Thanks, Wayne!  It will be a relief to close the door on 2020 and to welcome 2021 with hope and open arms.  We are now three quarter of a centuriers and life becomes even more precious. Blessings to you and your family and all of our '63 classmates. ❤️

12/23/20 11:14 AM #145    


Barbara Vestrand (Shema)

My husband and I are doing well as we've remained caustious during this difficult time. He has been working remotely and will continue to do so glad we love each other! Please be well and be safe in the months ahead. Wishing everyone peace and joy in the year ahead. My best to all...Barbara

12/23/20 04:49 PM #146    


Tom Orszulak (Tom Orszulak)



Thank you Wayne for starting  text zoom meeting. Hope all are ready to let 2020 expire quickly and move on to a much more peaceful and safer New Year. Brenda and I braved the airports to fly to Rochester, MN to spend Christmas with her kids and our grandkids. I know I know but there is only so much time she is able to be away from family.......other than yours truly. We will return to SC New Year's eve and begin a slow drive to. check out Tucson AZ for the rest of the winter. This week in MN, which to have a blizzard tonight and tomorrow will more than fulfill mu winter and snow quota.

Wishin gall of you and yours the most joyous Christmas and a very peaceful New Year  


12/23/20 04:50 PM #147    


Tom Orszulak (Tom Orszulak)

Excuse the typos..It's Christmas 😏

02/10/21 11:13 AM #148    


Wayne Schuricht

Greetings to my fellow Red Raiders(thank goodness they were foxes!).  Just a quick note to remind all the fella’s to remember their “Special someone” in a few days.  It looks like it might be the coldest Valentines Day in many years, so a good time to snuggle up with your honey and a glass of your favorite beverage and watch a favorite movie.  One of ours is the “Sound of Music”!  For me, the most beautiful love scene ever recorded on the big screen is the Austrian Folk Dance with Maria and the Captain, (may he Rest In Peace).  Not a word spoken, no sex, just pure emotional realization of the love that was obviously developing.  Anyone else have a favorite?  Let us know!!!  Cheers, Joann and Wayne

02/11/21 11:45 AM #149    


Scott Hunter

Wow!!! It's been a while since I've been on this site. Thanks, Wayne, for the message. Here goes mine. Despite COVID-19, 2020 has been an excellent year for me. First of all, I got hard copies of my memoir, And the Monkey Let Go: Memoirs through Illusion and Doubt, and became a published author on April 7th with the public release. That was the same day that Massachusetts shut down along with most of the rest of the US. I lost all of my book signings and marketing shut down as well. I did get some newspaper coverage in the spring and sold a few books, but the summer was discouraging. In August, I decided to brand myself on Instagram and Facebook and post about meditation, addiction and emotions, and serendipity three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The posts @andthemonkeyletgo on IG and FB are cool, dope, or fly, depending on how old you are. It has been good for me to post about my journey becoming the main character in my life. Check it out.  I've looking forward to doing virtual presentations and hopefully when the vaccine is widely available and life returns to a new normal, I'll do some real presentations. Kate and I have been spending time in Provincetown, Mass at a bayside condo we're sub-renting and looking forward to traveling to Canada and more of the US.  Life is good. I wish you all a happy 2021.  Scott

04/01/21 12:39 PM #150    


Wayne Schuricht

I hav e long wondered if it is politically correct to wish anyone “Happy April Fool’s Day”?  Probably not, but this year and early in April, it is appropriate to wish younz’all a Blessed and Happy Easter.  And for our Jewish classmates, ziessen Pesach!  Here’s wishing for a good year for all of us.  By the way, Yvonne is planning a mini reunion at the end of May, the 28th or 29th in New Ken.  Keep tuned in!!!  All the best to you and yours.  Wayne

05/01/21 09:38 PM #151    


Wayne Schuricht

Greetings to all 63er’s!  If you haven’t noticed the posting on the home page, we are planning another “Mini Reunion” on Sat. Night, May 29, 2021 at the VFW in Lower Burrell.  Starting at 6:30 PM and lasting until.......we peter out, probably around 10:00.  Please read the message on the web site home page which contains all the info and contact numbers and email addresses.  I know this is a fairly short notice, but Covid played a big part in this, and it still is a concern but things are looking  better.  So please forgive the short notice, and COME ON DOWN if you are at all able and interested!  All the best, Wayne Schuricht

05/12/21 04:39 PM #152    


Wayne Schuricht

INFO BLAST!!!  Plan to attend the Class of 63 informal mini reunion on May 29, 2021 at the VFW in Lower Burrell at 6:30 PM until........  We will be upstairs in a private room and not be exposed to the large public area.  We will provide masks for those who want them and ask anyone who has not been vaccinated against Covid to please be considerate to your fellow classmates and wear a mask.  To my knowledge, everyone who as replied that they will attend has had their “SHOTS”.  Hopefully this will alleviate some concerns.  Most of us are now well into our 70’s, so let’s get together while we are able.  Hope to see YOU!!!  Wayne Schuricht

06/05/21 10:46 PM #153    


Wayne Schuricht

Greeting to All 63 classmates.  Well another mini reunion has come and gone and about 15 classmates shared a lot of memories and love.  Those in attendance included Fred Grau, Tom Orszulak, Harry Woloson, Jackie Anderson Donley, Jennifer Elmore Swierczewski, Yvonne Pelino, Patty Long Palmadei, George Rotter, Frank Pazul, John Sopko, Bob Domian, John Dudkowski, Alvin Zato, Gary Shank, and me!  We also had greetings and best wishes from about 20 other classmates who wanted to attend but couldn’t make it but who voiced hope that we will have another in 2 years for our 60th, good lord willin’.  Yvonne Pelino and I have kind of been a committee of 2, but planning for a more formal reunion in 2 years will take more commitment and planning and require more help.  So I am asking for your input.  Do “younz” want a 60th reunion, and are you willing to help plan it, commit to it , and obviously attend it.  If there is not enough interest, we will can the whole idea.  So let Yvonne or me know your thoughts.  Enough for now, take care and keep safe.  Wayne

06/06/21 11:55 AM #154    

Jackie Oliver (Cohen)

Hi Wayne, It is wonderful that you and Yvonne have taken on the task of getting classmates together! Thank you both! I would have loved to attend so many times but haven't seen anyone, except Gerry McGarrity Sheehan, since 1983. I would love to attend a 60-year reunion!  Jackie Oliver Cohen 


06/07/21 09:10 AM #155    


Betty Horvath (Byrne)

How nice for those who could make it.  I'm sure is was great to reconnect!  I would be excited to attend a 60th year reunion.  How could this be???  I can't figure out how the years can fly by so fast!  

My Grandson graduated from High-School yesterday :-)  I want to stop the clock!

Thank you Wayne, and Yvonne....and all those who help keep us connected.  It takes time and effort, for sure.  Being that I am still working full-time, I will not be volunteering, but would be delighted to attend.

Stay well classmates - Greetings from Boston!  Best, Betty

06/07/21 12:02 PM #156    

Jeffrey Stayer

Hello Wayne - sorry to have missed this event but we were visiting with our daughter who lives in northern Virginia near Washington, D.C. Let's hope we're all healthy enough to gather for a 60th. I will help you and Yvonne however I can, at least financially. In the meantime, stay well!


06/17/21 05:16 PM #157    


Scott Hunter

Hey, I got a couple of birthday greetings from John Sopko and Robert Johnson. Thank you.  Life could not be any better on my 76th birthday. Kate and I are at a Trustees of the Resevation Inn at Field Farm in Williamstown. The bnb is a mid-century modern home with retro 50s furnitrue and great view of the Berkshire mountains. Dinner tonight a a very good restaurant. I'm still landscaping - getting paid for exercise outside. It's creative and keeping me in shape. Marketing And the Monkey Lets Go is a pain in the ass. I sell a few copies once in a while. I'm waiting for someone who knows marketing to realize it has potential. I'm writing posts on IG and FB under andthemonkeyletsgo three times a week. They began in September as meditation Monday, addiction and emotions Wednesday, and serendipity Friday. The posts are now a journal. It's exciting writing under a deadline. I've got a writing project in the works, but waiting for landscaping to slow down. I bought a condo in Northampton, 1 floor 1500 sq. ft., 2 bedroom, 2 baths, 9 ft. ceilings, evelator in the building. Perfect for a writing den now, no stairs when I'm in my 90s. I'm looking forward to the 60th reunion. Love Scott

07/12/21 03:16 PM #158    


Chris Dominik (Cross)

Hi Everyone - I recently finished reading our classmate Scott Hunter's book "And the Monkey Let's Go" and I highly recommend it. I read it in two days - couldn't put it down. (This is not a paid advertisement.😉😆)<>>




07/13/21 12:35 PM #159    


Wayne Schuricht

As Chris as stated, I too have read Scott’s book “And the monkey let’s go” and found it very entertaining.  I commented on this in this message forum some time ago.  I am sure you will enjoy it also!

08/25/21 10:15 PM #160    


Wayne Schuricht

Howdy 63er's.  I really don't want to get on a soap box, but will cause this is important.  As most people are aware the Covid virus is rearing its ugly head again.  The best safe guard are the vaccines.  I implore anyone who has not been vaccinated to really think this out as it is the best way to prevent a serious virus related illness, and please do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get "the shot"!!  I have just talked with my son, who is a physician, and the chief of the Neuroscience division at his hospital in Tyler, Texas.  The hospital is inundated with critically ill Covid patients, 96% of whom are unvaccinated.  Right - 96%!!!  There are lots of posts on the internet about Ivermectin and Hydrozychloroquin being prophylactic and therapeutic.  I have talked with many of my former colleagues (I am retired obviously), many who are in the front line actively treating these ill patients.  They emphatically say they do not work, and many of the sick patients are people who have been taking those drugs thinking that they do work, but have not worked, and now are critically ill.  And the next small, inexpensive, easy way to stem the spread is wearing a mask, especially indoors in a large group of people whose vaccination status you do not know.  There is no perfect way to quickly irradicate  this disease,  but if we all will  do our small part, we can stem the tide.  Yes, there may be complications and side effects from the vaccines, but they have been proven to save millions of lives already, and mitigate serious illness in people who unfortunately contract the virus even though they have been vaccinated.  Please be a part of the solution and not the problem.  Here's wishing good health to you and yours.  Wayne







08/26/21 08:50 AM #161    


Roger Loughran

As a Cardiologist told my wife last week, a virus cares less that you are healthy. Get the vaccine. Weather Covid, Shingles or Phenomia. Get it. 

08/26/21 11:42 AM #162    

James R. Antoniono

AMEN!!!  Thanks Wayne and Roger.  I could not agree more.  Never look forward to getting a shot before, could not wait to get this one.  Looking forward to getting the booster.  

08/26/21 11:49 AM #163    


Frances Massi (Haradzin)

Hi Wayne,

It is always good to hear from you!  Thank you for all of the information on "Covid" and the vaccine.  Your explanation is frightening.  Ron and I have received (2) Moderna vaccines and plan to go for the booster when it becomes available.  I am so sorry for how badly things are going in Texas in reference to the virus.  You, your family, all of the people of Texas, and the whole whole world are close to my heart and in my fervent prayers.  Would you please stay in touch and let me know how you are doing?

Peace, love, and many blessings from Fran...

08/26/21 09:57 PM #164    

Jackie Oliver (Cohen)

Hello Wayne, I am so very glad you have posted this critical message to our class. I am hopeful that your experience as a physician will push some of those who are on the fence to get themselves to a vaccine center. Vaccination is free to all. You might have side effects but don't let that deter you. I was in bed for 32 hours with fever, chills, and massive headache after my second dose but that hasn't deterred me from signing up for a booster; I already have an appointment for next week. I not only want to protect myself but also those around me, especially my grandchildren who are too young to be vaccinated. Thank you again, Wayne, for taking a stand! Much respect, Jackie Oliver Cohen 



08/27/21 08:56 AM #165    


Barbara Vestrand (Shema)

Hi Wayne...Thank you for your post. This information is so important to pass along. Would your son be able to give an estimate of the percentage of people 30-50 at his hospital who are seriously ill and hospitalized from covid?  Many thanks and be well, Barbara

08/27/21 11:41 AM #166    


Wayne Schuricht

Thanks for all your comments.  In answer to you, Barb, I have queried my son and he will try to get that info.

08/27/21 02:06 PM #167    

Carol Matviko (Laflin)

Hey Wayne,

Thanks for the 'gentle' reminder!  We also are awaiting the booster.  

It is so unfair to all the health care workers to have to treat those who are unwilling to protect themselves and their loved ones.




08/27/21 03:49 PM #168    


Barbara Vestrand (Shema)

Thanks, Wayne, and please thank your son. 

From what I've been reading, the 30-50 age group has been making up a high percentage of hospitalized, and I want to pass along some specific info to a couple of "hestant" 48-50 year olds I know, and hope it makes a difference.

My husband and I are planning to get our flu shot in September and Pfizer booster in October at the 8 month point. But the guidelines keep moving around about timingfrown

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